Sounds of Silence was initially born during the SALTO-YOUTH Training of Trainers residential seminar in Sofia 2015, where participants had the opportunity to propose different ideas for a training practice project. As youth workers, trainers we often have to face the fact that there is a lack of trust, assertiveness, self-confidence from participants within a group process even after putting effort to break the ice within a group. Surely there are other cases as well, that recalled to mind that silence is always appearing within a group process and there is a huge unlocked potential in it. If silence consciously used as a supportive tool or accompanying method for learning, it would help young people for their personal as well as professional development.

The silence method is getting a more important role in education as well. In this accelerated world, the technique of silence is used to improve concentration skills as a tool for enhanced learning and deeper attention.

There are many schemes to be used in youth work or in training practice that just became more popular nowadays among practitioners. With the project, our intention was to create a clear line of different methods that are linked with silence.

The project is not about creating a new method but rather creating a space for learning to become more aware of silence as a supportive tool for learning mainly for young people.